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Jewelry Organizers That Are Ideal for Large Collections

Most women have had the misfortune of misplacing or losing a valuable piece of jewelry or two in their time. The simple solution to this problem is a jewelry organizer. In this article, we will discuss different types of organizers with an emphasis on those designed for larger collections.

According to a recent survey, the average woman spends around fifteen hundred dollars a year on jewelry. As you might expect, married women tend to receive far more jewelry from their partners than they purchase on their own. And since all jewelry has value, both sentimental and monetary, jewelry collections are often well protected and tend to grow over time. As a general rule, the older a woman is, the more jewelry she will own.

For most women who are not members of a royal family, a standard jewelry box is the first organizer they will receive. This is often enough to safely store their earrings, bracelets and necklaces through their teenage years and possibly even until they get married. But as we mentioned, when a woman gets married, jewelry becomes the most popular gift she will receive. That means jewelry on birthdays, jewelry on holidays and jewelry on anniversaries. After a while, these gifts really do accumulate. It is no wonder, then, why women lose a few pairs of earrings or even a ring every now and again. They simply have no place to put them all!

A jewelry valet is the most popular option for women with a growing collection. The average model is about the size of a footstool and it contains four to six drawers. Each drawer is designed to hold a different type of jewelry, from rings to bracelets to earrings to broaches. Top of the line jewelry valets should also have swinging doors that come complete with hooks on which to hang your necklaces. The valet can be placed by your bedside table or in the closet if you are concerned about theft.

For most women, a jewelry valet should be large enough to help them safely store and organize their collections. But with only four to six drawers, it will not be large enough to accommodate expansive collections. No, we’re not talking about the Queen’s jewels. In fact, even a woman of average means can accumulate enough jewelry over an entire lifetime so that she may require a larger organizer.

The most commodious of the large jewelry organizers is the jewelry armoire. Also called a jewelry chest, these spacious organizers are actually pieces of furniture.  The two most popular options are the wall-mounted and the free-standing versions. Let us take a moment to review the pros and cons of each.

The wall-mounted jewelry armoire is a popular choice because it does not take up valuable floor space and it often comes complete with a built-in mirror. This makes it a one-stop station for busy women who want put on their jewelry and makeup and go. The obvious drawback of the wall-mounted version is that it is much smaller than the free-standing one. In fact, most of the models that we reviewed were about the same size as the average jewelry valet. Most of them offered four felt-lined drawers, double doors with hooks on the inside, on which necklaces can be hung, and a mirror in back. The only clear advantage these models have over the valet is that they have a mirror and shelves on top where perfume can be stored. In the end, the wall-mounted armoire was designed for convenience, rather than space. Therefore, it is not the best choice for women with enormous jewelry collections.

When it comes to space, no other organizer can compete with the free-standing jewelry armoire. All of the armoires that we reviewed were far larger than their wall-mounted peers, with nearly twice the available drawer space. Many of them also included a flip-top mirror that opens to reveal numerous compartments for smaller accessories like rings and earrings. Two swinging doors also open with hooks on the inside for necklaces.

Quick tip: For those who have never purchased an armoire or even a valet, make sure that you find one with swinging or double doors that have necklace hangers on the insides. When necklaces are stored in drawers they tend to get tangled up and knotted. This can lead to breakage or damage to the chains or clasps.

Each of the free-standing jewelry armoires that we encountered offered between eight and ten drawers for jewelry and related accessories. The drawers themselves were felt-lined and contained different compartments for different size jewelry. There were those for larger items like solid bracelets and pendants, and others for pins and broaches.

The average jewelry armoire stands around two feet tall when closed and about three feet when opened, i.e., the mirror is flipped up. Since it is an actual piece of furniture, it is available in a number of styles and materials and price varies.

A bit of research will help you discover the perfect storage for your particular jewelry collection. Find yours now!

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