Multi-Color 14pcs Healing Point Chakra Pendants Quartz Crystal Stones

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Crystal stone Material

These Beads Assorted Natural stone and Crystal Quartz Beads, Crystal Quartz Beads is manmade by about 93% of natural quartz aggregates are combined with 7% of color pigments and polymer resins. Its cost high than natural stone.


Colors :mixed Random Color

Size:11x38mmm 1mm=0.0393 inch 1 inch=25.4 mm

Shape: Hexagonal Healing Point Bullet Shape



10 reviews for Multi-Color 14pcs Healing Point Chakra Pendants Quartz Crystal Stones

  1. Stacey

    I just received these, they are very nice, exactly as pictured, hi polished so may be some cracks. I didn’t see any, my only concern is are they truly real stones, I realize the seller says “Highly polished” but it makes them a bit questionable if they are real? They’re nice. Very nice

  2. Gym_Plan8647

    they always give customers an extra stone and they all look nice, a good variety for different outfits!

  3. Mikaela Hurst

    I bought these as cute little necklaces for my sister. What you see here are the colors that you get. There are no strings or metal necklaces, so you will have to buy that separately. But definitely, worth the buy, they’re very cute and stylish. We’ve had them since Christmas 2016 and none have broken so far.

  4. CChilds1217

    There only complaint I have is not knowing what 2 of the stones are, or if any are pure or synthetic. Other than that, I am so happy with these stones! I bought them to make necklaces with for Christmas gifts (& the rest for me to use/wear), & I am so impressed with the quality & beauty of each stone! Im extremely impressed!

  5. Savannah D

    Love! I got a great variety & 15 stones instead of 14. These are my new favorite pieces. Worth every cent!

  6. auntjennymum

    I think they are beautiful! One of the reviews stated that they didn’t think they were real crystals with healing properties. I don’t know about that, but they are beautiful, and my grandchildren LOVE them! My grandson is SO into polished rocks. I bought a set of fourteen, and was going to let my grandson choose his favorite, and he just said almost reverently, “Oh Grandma, they are just ALL so beautiful. I can’t choose.” He studied them for several minutes. I eventually gave him the whole set. He Was so delighted! I have since ordered two more sets. The are sent in random groups of fourteen. Some sets are more colorful than others. They are worth the $.

  7. Witchhippie 🖤

    I’m so upset I spent the little money I had to come to Realize that they’re fake they just feel plastic to me I don’t feel any connection or power from them I was so excited to get crystal necklaces I’m honestly heartbroken that these are fake and I wish my money on plastic so disappointed will never buy again. Warning to other people looking in the comments these are fake don’t buy them!!!!!!!

  8. ANC01

    To be honest I didn’t even realize we could get a random assortment when I ordered this, only just now reading other reviews. I organized them in the same circle format and I got all 14 that were shown in the head picture PLUS an extra yellow one! I feel like my case is rare but that was an amazing little surprise. Also, I ordered this at 8:15 and I got the package THE NEXT DAY. (With prime of course). It shipped from Las Vegas, Nevada and I live in California (neighbor states) so maybe that’s why but dang was I still impressed.There were a few differences in my matching crystals like the clear was completely clear and the peach didn’t have an ombré but overall all very cute and well worth the price (bought on prime day for $16). I did notice three of my crystals have little tiny black foam bits that are hard to get off but it’s a very small detail and they do come out

  9. Amazon Customer

    I am very impressed with the quality and the variety. Not one is alike. They are really cute. Also they shipped super fast!

  10. Charles C Lawrence

    They are beautiful for gifts. A few of them did lose their “grip” in the metal, but all in all, we are happy with the beauty and charm of these crystals.

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