Quick Tip On Taking Care of Fashion Jewelry

Jewelry is often the last thing we put on before we head out the door. The addition of iced out pinky rings, a set of Cuban Links, or even a pair of look-at-me iced stud earrings can show the vibe you’re feeling any given day, without the need for much more accessorizing.

Your jewels are valuable and require extra love and care.

The secret is to keep your jewelry dry and clean, if you want to keep your fashion jewelry shining for years to come – Make sure to keep it dry and clean, especially during the summer season.

Some jewelry is not intended to be worn daily as sweat and humidity can cause it to fade. That’s why learning of the jewelry base metal before you buy is important. The best base metals in my opinion are 925 Sterling Silver, or 316L Stainless steel on 14k gold is best.

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Keeping your jewelry Clean is the key.

Most jewelry cleaners are extremely harsh on fashion jewelry and are intended to clean silver, or gold metals. So, don’t use them to clean your fashion jewelry. When your jewelry gets wet, the best thing to do is to air dry it, then give it a final wipe with a Jewelry Polishing Cleaning Cloth. Make sure it’s Pure Cotton. This ensures that no residual moisture, oil, or dust remains. Also, making sure that the container you put the jewelry in is stored in a jewelry moisture resistant box – Excessive exposure to air and humidity can wreak havoc on your precious jewels.

That’s it for today’s tip! Please leave a comment below if you have other ideas to keeping fashion jewelry shinning for years and years..

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